tired and book writing

I’m very tired.  I have basically spent the entire day trying to finish up this book I’m trying to write on listening.  I’m close to being done, but not quite there.  It’s after 1115p, which for me is seriously late.  I think the synapses in my brain have tucked themselves into bed and checked out for the night – that’s probably why this blog seems so mindless.  🙂 

Anyways, I think this listening book will be good – probably even better than the upside down book, which by the way is doing really well, if you haven’t gotten one yet.  smile at my unveiled advertisement.  Ok, good night.  I owe an Ethiopia update, but if I tried now, it would only be a jumbled concotion of scrambled words, or eggs, depending on your point of view.  Good night, sleep tight, I now go to join my synapses.  🙂



After 10 I won’t even look at my computer! You’re braver than me!

“Synapses in my brain.” Hey Sean, there has to be a song in this.

Oh, and Sarah used synapses twice in one post, must be a synaptic record.


we decided that the sub-name of your blog should be “love your guts”. I said that phrase in a room of 10 people last night and they all said “Pastor Sara!” – it was awesome!


thankfully gut lovin has no monopoly! 😉


Ever considered writing or producing some sort of movie? If you ever do, let me know, I could write or collaborate on a script about whatever inspired idea blooms in your spirit. Until then, I’ll keep writing my ideas.


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