Time to Quit

When I was growing up, I had this really strong value about not quitting. Even when things might be discouraging, I didn’t quit. I didn’t quit taking piano lessons for 9years, despite burning through like 7 different teachers. When I started playing basketball, I didn’t quit even though I was thoroughly uncoordinated, slow, couldn’t jump & had no athletic ability (lots of heart but no natural gifting). I didn’t quit.
Now that I’m older, I’ve decided to start quitting stuff. Some things that we should all consider quitting include:
*achieving for the purpose of feeling significant & valuable – you’re inherently valuable because God loves you, full stop
*trying to please people – that’s a dead end
*trusting in human wisdom – consider reading 1Cor 2 for some interesting ideas related to wisdom

What else is worth quitting?



Sarah, I am amazed at your post. I am soooo 100% the same way, to the point like of harm in a way. I hold staying on to no end.I have been stuggling for some time about something , should I quit or not. You have helped me . Judging my desire based on Gods truth changes the whole picture. Thank you. Love & prayers.susan

I’m trying to quit spending so much time on things that have no value. We only have a finite amount of time here. I want to use my time wisely.

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