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In my “Lord’s Prayer experiment” (see the 1st post on the Lord’s Prayer), this great adventure has shown me some interesting things about God & my connection with Him.  In my last post, I talked about God as our Father & about our perceptions of who God is in our lives. 

This morning God, my Father, has been talking with me about the basis of His relationship with me – He loves me, as His child.  Everything He does originates from His motivation of love for me, His motivation of love for you.  Possibly the worst trick you could fall for, is not believing that He loves you, taking His love for granted or ignoring His love for you. 

Because of God’s love for us:

  • He provides what we need for each day. 
  • He forgives us & enables us to forgive (the premise of any relationship that has depth)
  • He directs my daily path
  • He protects me

All because He loves you.  All because He loves me.  I pray that your Father’s love for you would never become common, mundane or taken for granted.


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Vickey McGee

God’s love to me means so very much. While growing up in a very abusive family I saw very little love. My great-grandmother showed me love but no one else in the family. My grand parents went to church each week but it was only there that they were “nice,” the rest of the time they were drunk and mean. My parents had divorced and I was with my mother who was an abusive alcoholic. No love in that direction. Growing up I often “escaped” to other kids homes and went to church with them. That’s when I started to learn about
God and his special love for us. Through all these years and problems that I’ve gone through I’ve always clinged to the fact that no matter what there is always one that loves me. One that really cares. One who really listens and will help. I now work in a Christian homeless shelter for women. I do my best to teach them that no matter where they’ve been or had to go through or will go through that there is always one who will always love us and that is our Heavenly Father.

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