thoughts & cough remedies

Ok, here are some things running around in my mind:

  • famI hope Benji did ok staying at mom & dad’s last night
  • I hope David does well on his Mesopotamia & Germ tests today
  • I hope Isabell enjoys her date w Reece tonight – he’s planning what to do.  Any suggestions?
  • maybe we should get a donut at the armenian donut shop, mmmmmm
  • looking forward to lunch w Lacey
  • I hope Shelly & I get to work out this weekend
  • My weekend projects include:  chapel prep, Greek prep & finishing Lord’s Prayer series
  • gotta figure out groceries for next week
  • would like to get my computer back – its been sick for like 2 weeks now 🙁
  • slopes are starting to open up for snowboarding!!!!!

Need a little help:  can you pls give me suggestions as to how to get over a cough (chest congestion)?  Would be GREATLY appreciated!



Ususally pulling the covers up over your head and staying in bed for a couple of days will help your body to heal, But…. with 3 kids, the weekend projects, working out and etc. you are planning…mmmmm.
Also, just a question was David having 2 different tests or was it a test about germs in mesopotamia?
Love you and praying for you.

Oh yes, the old “Mesopotamia & Germ” test, I remember that like it was…

Mesopotamia & Germs are 2 different tests – next week they will combine them to discuss “mesopotamian germs & antibodies”. 😉
thx for the cold remedy idea – sounds very appealing!!!

homeschoolin’ ma

We usually beat a chest cold by using steam/humidifying the room, pushing liquids, rest and supporting the immune system with extra vit. C, garlic, echinacea, and golden seal. This will usually shorten the recovery time and prevent secondary infections. Of course you are in our prayers and the great healer is our first thought. Rest in His love and recieve your health. Blessings to you.

You snowboard???? I was not aware of this! I’ve been staring longingly out my window at the slopes waiting for snow (and a pal to go with)! My snowboard buddy moved back to California in May…. We should try to go some time! Thanks again for lunch, it was really really great to hang out!

I totally snowboard, although I wouldn’t consider myself to be that whippy. Let’s go though!! Lunch was super – enjoyed the conversation & hanging out!

Hey girl you a rock star of a snowboarder.

About that coughing thing, if you still have it, here’s a tip. Cut out your dairy intake for a while. You will notice a difference. Although it is a bit of a sacrifice.

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