This Gift of Listening

Let’s consider that talking isn’t the only part of growing a relationship. Listening is a very significant gift & essential for any relationship to grow & get deeper. For example, I’m in Bangledesh & yesterday I had the honor of listening to several women who are sex workers. I listened to the events of their lives, not only with my ears & mind but also with my heart. Having listened attentively, these women felt my compassion for them & responded with great love & affection. When we concluded our time together, we felt very bonded & connected, so I’m keen to start nightcare for the babies & toddlers of these sexworkers here in Dhaka, the capitol of Bangladesh.
If we listen with an open heart, then genuine love can facilitate connecting with people. When we listen with filters & prejudices, then the connection with people is not as strong or deep.
Let’s remember that listening is a wonderfully divine gift!


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