Things that help me to trust God

Sometimes it seems like I get in impossible situations. Some situations seem virtually hopeless & like they’re a total dead end. In these times, I feel like one of God’s main goals is to help me learn to trust God more & better. So here are some things that help me to trust God & maybe they can help you (feel free to add stuff that has helped you as well):
*keeping my focus on God works better than focusing on the impossibility (Ps 25:15)
*reading Bible stories about how God has overcome impossible situations (David & Goliath, Paul in the storm – Acts 27-28 & others)
*encouraging others in their efforts to trust God
*recounting God’s faithfulness to me over the years
*remembering God’s character – genuine love trumps all



Alice Jackson

This is not coincidence, this is God’s works. When tough times arise and I pray for resolve, I find that the scripture I read for the day and the sermon at church (ORCC) matches right up with my situations. Tell me that’s not God’s work. Blessings.

Super Duper Just What I Needed for My Challenge. I like the verse reerences and sidenote – the new look is coming along nicely congradulations. Life and Ministry – what a challenge, but you know God has to have a great sense of humor.- and I’m glad you do too!!!

Lorraine Dale

I think too of how Abraham trusted God in sacrificing Isaac, right up to the last minute, and then God came through. i remember your mom always saying, “God is never late but he is always last minute.” So the message is hang in there, even to the last minute. Thankyou always for your blog, Sarah, even if i don’t respond much, i do appreciate them.

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