things I like about my kids

I like lots of things about my kids, but here are a few:

Isabell – I like how she’s a strong person.  What she puts her mind to, she accomplishes.  She’s also very sweet, kind & super smart.  She loves Jesus lots.

David – I like how he’s always thinking & he often looks for ways to help me.  He wrote a worship song the other day & sang it for me – left me speechless.

Benji – he’s always happy and very snuggly.  He also is a source of endless energy – even when he sleeps, he moves alot. 

Here’s something cool too – last weekend, Isabell, David & I cut up 12lbs of strawberries & no one complained – they were happy as clams!  Amazing.

I really like my kids.  They’re fun, insightful, joyful, kind, spiritual, intelligent, strong, fun . . . .  Having kids has been one of the most delightful things in my life.  Having kids is challenging & very fulfilling.  There are moments of definite frustration but also moments of total amazement.



This makes me incredibly excited to be a mommy some day. Thank you for sharing this beautiful account of your love for your children.


Judi, you’re wonderful! thx for enjoyng the blog. 🙂

I must say…I LOVE YOUR KIDS, TOO! Their amazingness is a testimony to You and P Reece (incredible parents)!

I must say…I LOVE YOUR KIDS, TOO! Their amazingness is a testimony to You and P Reece (incredible parents)!


It’s so nice to hear something positive about having kids! I don’t know if it is just what I’m hearing or maybe the people I talk to, but I seem to have a full understanding of the difficulties of raising kids, but not what makes it worth those difficult times.

your an awesome mom!


now I’m getting really choked up!!!

Awwww! I love that my son Levi, is creative and compassionate.

Jolene Picone

I so love your kids too!!! They are the best kids I have ever loved! I am very partial and may never want my own because I enjoy yours so much!! 🙂

I agree with Whitney, you are an incredible mom!

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