the trouble with being strong

Our culture applauds strength & independence and these are good things to have – they can serve us well in lots of different ways.  The tricky part for us humans is that we tend to struggle with the practice of balance.  For some of us, independence & strength are the fortress in which we live, sometimes at the expense of fellowship with others and experiencing the amazing and indescribable power and wisdom of God.  I’ve made it my goal to know & be close to God.  With this decision, I get to adventure through various weaknesses in my life so that I can begin to experience God’s immense but gentle strength, God’s tenacious and faithful love, along with God’s wisdom that far exceeds my puny mental gyrations. In the end, I’ll take God’s strength, fellowship & communion anytime – it is far superior to any comfort from my own strength or independence.  God’s ways are higher than my ways 🙂


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