The Prickly Factor

I like hummingbirds 🙂

Some days I feel prickly, like a cactus or porcupine. This is of course challenging for people who might interact with me, they might gets some barbs or needles.   When I know I’m feeling prickly, I try to do a few things that are helpful:

  • Why?  Often, it helps me if I can figure out the causes of being prickly, like sketchy sleep, travel, workload, hormones, people interactions, etc.
  • How? It’s important when I’m prickly that I’m careful about how I interact with people. Sometimes I put myself in timeout until I can play nice

No matter how I feel, it helps me to remember that I’m deeply loved & highly treasured by Holy Spirit. I’m also grateful that Holy Spirit gives me strength to have self control, not letting my flesh out weight the fruits of the Spirit from Galatians 5:25 🙂



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