the presence of Christ in friendships

Yesterday, I had a very amazing conversation.  I was hanging out w a friend and like we normally do, when given some time, we started talking about Jesus.  We talked about the reality of Jesus in our hearts, the reality of Jesus in our daily living & the reality of Jesus in various experiences in travelling.  We talked about love and what it means to love in a genuinely spiritual way in contrast to human love which is desire based.  We talked about loving people regardless of how well we know them or not.  We talked about what the Bible says about love.  The conversation was TOTALLY riveting. 

When I was younger, I would absolutely thrive on these kinds of conversations – I have always loved getting to talk on deeply spiritual levels.  As I get older, I’m coming to the conclusion that I love these kinds of conversations because in the most basic analysis, I experience Jesus’ presence, which is nothing short of addictive.  Jesus tells us that when 2-3 are gathered together in His name, that He’s present.  So no wonder I like to talk about Jesus in deeply spiritual conversations – I sense His presence!  When I was younger, I used to associate this blissful experience with the person involved in the conversation.  As such, I always would find myself wanting to talk with that person more & at greater lengths.  Now I know that what I most want at the fundamental level is to experience Jesus in any context, at any time and through any means.  When I keep my eyes on Jesus & His presence, I don’t get sidetracked by focusing on a person and life stays in a more healthy balance. 

Just some thoughts on Jesus and friendships.


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This is so true…thanks for pointing it out.

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