The onion solution

The other day I was making a casserole & needed an opinion, but alas, we had run out of onions & my neighbor didn’t have any at the time. So, like all creative minds, I tried to get innovative in my onion replacement efforts 🙂
The end of this story is that my casserole turned out pretty well, even if I didn’t have the perfect onion solution. With that being said, there are some ingredients in cooking & especially in life for which there is no substitute, like Jesus 🙂
No matter how you configure life & regardless of the various ingredients in your life, there’s no substitute for Jesus. He simply cannot be replaced.



Amen! JESUS can not be substituted for any reason no matter what; just believe and you will receive…

Jesus is “the” ingredient that can make our daily recipes work. You can choke down your daily life trying to do without Jesus, but his ingredient content is ALWAYS available and makes things come out so well. Best of all, you never have to go out to get Jesus, he is right there! Bon appetite and Blessings galore. 😉

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