The Mice Spice

Mice look for some place warm in the Fall & they sometimes find their way into our house, like this year. So my husband sent me off to Walmart to get the normal mouse removal accessories & they’ve been strategically placed around our kitchen for maximum impact 🙂
In this adventure, I’ve learned that one of my offspring, who will again remain nameless, has a mouse phobia . Imagine our fun to learn about this new opportunity to be playful or mischievous depending on how your frame it. 

This child is quite jumpy with the whole mouse thing, even though there’s a clear size & intelligence advantage. In some respects, the devil is kind of like a mouse, looking to sneak his way into our thoughts & scare us at unexpected moments. Just because the devil can roar doesn’t mean he’s a lion – 1 Pet 5:8. Let’s be careful that we don’t let ourselves be intimated by the enemy of our soul. Reject the mice spice ,)


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Cristina Parodi

Acá pasa lo mismo llegado el verano en Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires con las cucarachas!!pero ponemos un remedio para matarlas…y chau…Limpiaa de todo bicho!!! Oramos y entregamos nuestro Hogar al Señor!!!Amen…Buena Semana

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