The Leaking Shower

The shower in our bathroom has been really sad: it took forever to get hot water & it’s been more like a drizzle than a shower.
So we had a plumber check it out & it was a simple fix. We replaced the shower head & voila, it’s an actual shower again with hot water. But alas, I discovered a new problem downstairs. It looks like the ceiling is leaking. As I thought about this new discovery, I checked out the caulking in our shower, which turns out to be almost nonexistent. So while we have a shower & not a drizzle, we now have a leak that could be quite serious, all because we fixed the shower head. 
Sometimes we try to fix a surface problem but refuse to correct the core cause. 

  • Maybe we’re working to get it of debt, but the insecurity that motivated the debt still lingers. 
  • Maybe we got the promotion at work, but we ignore the achievement idol that whispers in our thoughts. 
  • Maybe the divorce was settled years ago but the unforgiveness stifles any new relational possibilities. 

Let’s be sure to bring to Jesus not only our surface struggles but let’s also unzip our hearts to the Holy Spirit who heals, repairs & redeems those deeper struggles. 


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