The Importance of Pacing

Today I had a blast!!  I got to work out & play some basketball for the first time since having shoulder surgery 8weeks ago. Truth be known, it was pretty pathetic but I was excited nonetheless!  I TOTALLY love getting to shoot some ball, I like having good carido endurance & I’m super eager to get back to some swimming. All of this with the ring in my ears of the word, “pacing”. 

I tend to want to do things fast, furious & full on – but this technique also comes with a greater potential for injury & that’s no bueno. 
There’s a lot to be said for pacing & going through the various processes in life. I’m reminded that God didn’t make the world in one day, but rather made the process & timing so that creation would be wholly functional & healthy for us. 
If you’re the impatient type of person like me, letting cool our jets & celebrate the journey & process 🙂

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Cristina ( Cris)

Sara !!!! You really your ministrations as you do that all my tears run into the sea and suddenly , my heart thinks of you Amiga, that our Father will put You and Marilyn in my life , and are advocates of a loving and merciful God. Yesterday I had cell and a younger sister, which is connected to a Brother partner, and has lost two pregnancies , and have panic attacks , he told me I hear the reuinion Friday 20 hours a ministration of your mother of the Lord that mourn ….. did talk him that the gentleman wants his children to be verdecidos and because they love and still are Christians do not marry … then the Lord will heal the miracle !!!! but as for you ‘re wonderful friend courageous and brave !!! Blessings !!! Cris

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