The Humility Quotient

It’s a well known proverb that pride goes before a fall & i could be the poster child for this proverb. At my home church on Sunday, I did a face plant trying to lithely “pop” up on the stage. I caught my toe on the edge of the stage & the thunderous KABOOM was my pride exploding, along w smashing my thigh & scrapping up my elbow. I want to think that I’m agile, athletic, coordinated & spry, along with 20 years younger. So maybe I’m kind of athletic & sometimes agile. 

This fall has helped me come back to reality – I’m not a gymnast, I’m not 30years old & I’m not so spry. 

Lovingly, Holy Spirit helps us understand grace, humility & truth, along with a healthy dose of comic relief, when we don’t take ourselves too seriously. 


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Candace Dean

That’s okay, it could of been any of us. If a person has been alive long enough, we’ve all experienced falling with a dose of embarrassment. The only difference is you’re in the public eye so much more. So, if we were in the public that much, I’m pretty sure that could of been any of us. Believe me You and your Mama are some of God’s coolest people on earth.

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