The big picture

Sometimes I can get discouraged when I look at things in incremental or small ways. For example, when I’m trying to get in shape, I can easily get discouraged with one workout – it hurts, I wish I were more fit, etc. But when I look at the big picture (no pun intended), I can find some encouragement that I’m trying, growing & on the right path to get better, little by little.
This is also true with God, who sees the overall scheme of our lives with precision clarity & not just the small & seemingly incongruous puzzle pieces that can so easily frustrate us. Ultimately, we can rest in the truth that God is working all things to good as we continue to love God & stay true Their (Trinity) purposes & designs for us!! Be encouraged dear friend! 😀



idell stelly

Thank you Sarah.. that post was as refreshing as a cold drink of water on a humid day. 🙂

Tis True Tis True! I think that is why God smiled and certainly rested after creation knowing that something so wonderful had some short and long term effects called children that we can look at and say, “Oh God, that’s what you meant. Grace is changing that diaper knowing that the big blessing you get when you see their smile in your face no matter what age. In the meantime when we reflect upon ourselves sometimes the picture is a little different to us but maybe not so much to God – who loves us so much that He sent His Son to die for us – now that is the Big Picture – thanks Sarah – Keep it real and keep goin!!

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