The Bee Sting

I think this is a bee sting, but it could be a wasp or maybe a blasted flying red ant!! I was sitting on my porch, enjoying a beautiful day when out of NOWHERE some demonized insect stung my big toe & it’s been a no bueno walk.

This is one of the ways that Satan does his demonic work. He comes out of nowhere & tries to sting us to leave residual pain, swelling & compromised mobility. Satans stings can be a health challenge, traffic accident, financial emergency, etc

Here’s some helpful points to neutralize the enemy’s sting:

  • Get the stinger out: recognize the enemy’s attack & take out the main poison
  • Wash the site: clean up any ripple affects with honest dialogue w God
  • Be timely: don’t let an enemy attack linger but deal with it as quickly as possible so it doesn’t fester & spread into other areas

Let’s allow Holy Spirit to help us smoothly walk in life into Gods divine design!


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