The Attitude Factor

It’s easy for me to get a bad attitude when I’m tired, when I have jet lag, when a day is overflowing with bad stuff, etc. And I find that attitudes are important catalysts for how we experience life. In the Bible, we can see various people who wrestled with their attitudes & the outcomes. For example, David had good reasons to have a bad attitude with the Saul season & he endeavored to coach his attitude by keeping his focus on God – a really helpful principle!

Let’s also remember: a bad attitude ruins everything good & a good  attitude ruins everything bad 🙂


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Thank you for the book In Step with the Spirit. It has given me a brand new lens on the Holy Spirit. Your teaching in the book is simple, straight to the point and very relatable.
You, your mum and ministry are a great blessing. Thank you for the work with Saving Moses.

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