The answer

I find myself in a season of life where I have lots & lots of questions & not just about the weather. For me, it feels like many of my questions seem to either have no answers or they have very difficult answers and this can be really challenging. But as simple as it sounds, I’m finding that Jesus is the answer. Jesus is the answer for my need for wisdom, direction, strength, assurance, security & so much more. Jesus is my answer of peace for a troubled heart. Jesus is the answer: full stop 🙂



Alice Jackson

Noted and agreed upon. Blessings.

Hmmmm when asked about the generalized perspective of world events I responded that “any more I do not believe anything except my spiritual perspectives and that Jesus is the answer. Bottom line – media is sooooo skewed for what they want you to know contingent upon their political and economic persuassions. And the only thing we can turn to is the Word. Amen, Jesus is the answer!!!

idell stelly

Yes, Yes, Yes !!! JESUS my Champion. I love you Jesus.

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