the anger danger

Ever had a problem with anger?  Ever had your temper get the best of you?  Anger can be a big deal!  Lots of awful things happen as a result of anger – rape, murder, war, broken relationships, car wrecks, etc.  Jesus talks about anger in the sermon on the mount – I love that He’s so practical & that He’s not put off by our humanity.  Jesus basically says that we shouldn’t get angry.  Now how does that work?  No anger?  Good luck!  But if you study this out, I believe that what Jesus is saying is that we need to be extremely mindful of what we do with our anger, emotions and passions.  If we’re not careful, our anger can become retributive – paying back a person in a harmful way for the hurt they’ve caused us.  I believe this is what Jesus said we should NOT do.  In James 1:20, we that the anger of man doesn’t produce the righteousness of God.  I understand that God is a just God & this is fully true.  God, & not us, is just.  Our human capacity for justice is suspicious at best.  Often, but not always, it is best to leave the anger on the roadside & let God inflict the justice because after all, we commonly don’t get what we deserve & I am so eternally grateful!  In the event that God would decide to use you in the process of justice, tread lightly & ask for His heart to avoid the anger danger.  For more food for thought, consider reading Matt 5:21-26.  🙂



your msg on wed night was very timely for me. He’s still dealing with me on how to handle my hurt and anger. you were so right on. we’ll feel those emotions, but what we do with it is so key.

on a much less spiritual side note: thx for the shoes!

Good Sarah! I’ve seen people lose their faith because God was not being just in their eyes…so they decided to handle the retribution themselves and lost all.

God is absolutely trustworthy on this point … and we will learn a lot about His big picture plans and His ways if we just take our hands off and let Him deal with justice. He’s a much better judge than we are and can actually see the heart. We, on the other hand, only see the others actions as filtered through our own prejudices, hurts and angers.


thx lisa! I think of jer 22:16 when i think of you with justice. 🙂

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