that was stupid

When I was growing up, people would often comment about how serious I was & to this day, I can still get quagmired in the intense bog.  One of the things that helps me to lighten up is to laugh at myself – to not take myself so seriously.  So from time to time, I review some of the silly, goofy & even stupid things that I’ve done just to lighten my thinking.  Here’s a sampling:

  • For Thanksgiving one year, I had heard that convection baking was superior to the regular oven baking.  Of course I didn’t get any more information & proceeded to burn my turkey, sufficient only for a burnt offering.  We didn’t eat turkey that Thanksgiving ,)
  • my first car never had an oil change in 3 years – didn’t know that was important :/
  • I used to work in a data entry position & would take messages for my co-workers.  I decided to find the phone number of a local mortuary & leave one a my co-workers a message to call Myra Mains with just the phone number for the mortuary ,)
  • I tried to toast whipped cream on a pie – we renamed the outcome to “puddle pie”

Laughter is good medicine!!



I’m in that club too! When you can laugh at such incidences you can move on with humorous reflections. Live, Love and LAUGH!!!!! Blessings.

Hello Sarah, i stumbled on your article 🙂 and i have to say that i experience Laughing at myself as one of the more liberating acts of the day! And that’s a great feeling 🙂

I was always told ” Do you know how to make God laugh???” Answer: Tell Him your plans!!! Hahaha

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