Thank you!!

I just want to take a brief moment to thank you for reading this blog. I know that you have a never ending list of choices for your reading so I’m particularly grateful that you have taken some time with me. Additionally, I especially want to thank those of you who have left comments, who’ve encouraged me & also for those who have subscribed to receiving this blog.
Thank you for going on this journey with me, for your patience & for being gentle. In our cyber world of social media & relationships over the web, thank you for not being judgmental, harsh nor condemning. Thank you for getting to connect 🙂



Sarah – it is an honor to be able to have a regular dialogue with you. I know many times at church you are quite busy (with the congregation and your family). I like this manner of being able to connect. It doesn’t impose on your time and is very relaxing and spiritual. Blessings. Alice

Ginger Wade (@heresmycuplord)

Thank you for being real, approachable, and allowing your words to be a soft place to land. (I have followed your mother’s ministry from my youth and find your heart so refreshing as such a seasoned woman of God.)

Thank you for sharing your walk with us! I really enjoy reading it. My mom used to watch your mom on TV back in the early 80s and I used to pretend to hate it, but really enjoyed it. Now, Today With M&S is my favorite program!

Thank you 2 – It is sooooooooooooo difficult and challenging being at the top and getting the shots from some well meaning, and other not so well meaning people that it is scary for those who raise their hands and simply volunteer, then getting moved to the top only to be whacked at – soooooo you have both my empathy and sympathy – BUT many are called and FEW ARE CHOSEN, and I truly believe you are one of the chosen ones with a great and yet to be even greater rightoueous (random acts of kindness) ministry. Unfortunately it eats into your personal/family time to be on the line, but that’s the cost of THE CHOICE. Wish it were simpler (Jesus at the Cross), but it’s not. Soooooooooo keep on doin what you do so well – and Thx again. Smiles

This is precisely the reason why I connect with you, your blog, and ministry. Your genuine transparency and servant leadership style is what the world needs more of. As I think back to when I was in darkness, it was you and your Mom’s ministry via television which the Lord used to speak into my life and ultimately deliver me from severe depression and nicotine abuse. Praise God! Years after that the Lord allowed your mom to actually be a surprise guest minister at our church in Richmond, VA just to show me how far He had brought me from those years locked inside darkness with no hope in sight. He is a marvelous wonder to my soul. Now He leads me into deep darkness to minister to His precious treasures. If someone had told me ten years ago that one day my feet would walk through the streets of Pattaya Thailand, I would have laughed. Now I laugh at the devil because I know who God created me to be in His marvelous light. Continued blessings to you, your family, and ministry.

Holly Takatsuka

Thank YOU Sarah. Your daily words of inspiration are just the right length and pack just the right amount of “punch.” Thank you for taking the time and using this means to inspire so many around the globe.

You are welcome anytime. Thank you for devoting your time to Save Moses and to regularly updating your blog. You and Your Mom are a Humongous Inspiration to me.

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