thank you so much!

Wow!!  I can’t begin to thank everyone for their kind words, support & care after my blog about my dad’s death.  We’ve had such great encouragement, affirming words and love – way beyond my ability to express gratitude.  Thank you again and again!!  While this is a bit of a rough season, it’s also really wonderful to sense Jesus’ love through so many different people and so many different ways.  Thanks loads for letting Jesus use you to bring comfort and care to our family. 

May God reach into your life, open your eyes and increase your sensitivity to the immense and infinite love that God has for you.  Again, thanks so much!!



Pastor Linda Badame

Sarah and Marilyn, I am so sorry to hear of the separation if your dad. The Lord showed me a picture of you both during my sleep to pray for you. I know it is difficult at this separation. I pray the Lord’s comfort will flood your souls in this time. As the Lord rejoices in the death of His servants because Wally is with Him, that He brings you and your family through victoriously. Love and Blessings Linda

My first time viewing your site and reading the news of your father. I’m so sorry to hear the passing of your father. May the Lord grant you and your family much strength and be comforted by the Holy Spirit.

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