Teenage Drivers

I’m entering the world of teenage drivers. My daughter has recently acquired her learner’s permit & we’re off to the races, so to speak. I already bite my nails, so maybe I’ll take up chewing gum in addition to strengthening my prayer life ,)
In all seriousness, she’s doing a good job & we have no wrecks or mishaps to date. Some of the things she’s working on include:

  • Lane placement – balance & staying in the middle is a good rule of thumb for healthy living
  • Scan the intersection – don’t get into a situation without making an initial assessment, this prevents unnecessary collisions & injuries 
  • Smooth stops – let’s consider that some things in our lives need closure but let’s do this as smoothly as possible to avoid whiplash 

Seems to me that these skills have some really awesome application for our daily living & not just driving lessons 🙂


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