I’m sitting here in Angola with some of the absolutely coolest people in the world, doing outrageous God work with Saving Moses! I’m surrounded by wisdom, passion, dedication, creativity, golden hearts & indescribable devotion to Jesus. My new friend, Kyle, is entirely rocking the video scene – he takes my breath away with his creativity, enthusiasm & intelligence. Across from me is Heidi, the Ops Director for Saving Moses & she is totally a God provision!!  She’s everything I’m not: business minded, smart, focused & all things beautiful – I am so very honored to get to work with her!  On my right is my good friend Joe, whom I’ve known for more than 20 years. He’s rock solid, one of the hardest workers I’ve ever met & has a heart of gold! I’m also thrilled to get to work with my friend Clint, whom I would Xerox & make 60 copies of him if I could. His heart is so clean, pure & devoted to bringing Jesus in  totally tangible ways to people wherever he goes. Finally, my friend Steve is sitting on my left. Steve & I are soul buddies, have gone through thick & thin. We are compatriots, leading with our hearts & letting the brain tag along for the ride.  We want the world to know the overwhelming & overflowing love of Jesus in each persons daily living. 

Why God would let me be with such amazing people is evidence that God uses clay, messy & dirty, for divinely creative outcomes. This totally takes my breath away!! May each of us be on God’s team, living out kingdom values, loving well

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