making wise choices

There’s a scene in the Indiana Jones’ movie, “Last Crusade” where a knight who was protecting the holy grail says to Indiana Jones,  ” you have chosen wisely “.   I always remember this line because it was like a culminating exhale & relief part in the movie after something disasterous had happened. 

So here are some thoughts about making wise choices:

  • chose love over fear – when we get scared, insecure, frightened or intimated, we can make some foolish decisions;  remember that perfect love casts out fear
  • chose love over sarcasm – sarcasm stings but genuine love soothes
  • chose love over unforgiveness – unforgiveness is a prison that can make a person shrink into oblivion
  • chose love over apathy – we are make to participate & engage with our world, not to withdraw or disconnect;  zombies aren’t real ,)

Love is an active decision that we get to make mutliple times throughout any given day – chose love and chose you will chose wisely 🙂

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the anger danger

I had an interesting experience a few days ago with a very unhappy person.  This person was extremely upset about a difficulty & she was upset beyond what the circumstances called for.  I began to think about the possible reasons why she could be over reacting:

  • maybe she was having a rough day,
  • maybe there are other pressures in her life where she vents her frustrations in unrelated  situations,
  • maybe she has some medical challenges that cause her to be easily upset
  • worst of all, maybe she is an angry person
There’s a difference between being angry about something & being an angry person.  One is based on situations but the other is an identity.  The person who finds their identity in anger brings dissension into his conversations & relationships based on Prov 29:22 & 15:18.  An angry person tends to lack control over their behaviors & conversations.  And an angry person, based on what Proverbs says, is a fool (29:11).
In contrast, a person who is slow to anger tends to have a better life – they have great understanding (14:29, 17:27), they’re not easily offended (they overlook offenses – 19:11), they have more self-control than an angry person and a person who is slow to anger is better than the mighty (16:32).
Let’s be angry for the right reasons (against injustices, wickedness & evil), but let’s not be angry people 🙂
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scones & wisdom for breakfast ,)

 My ultra cool husband made scones for breakfast today & he makes a fantastic scone!  While we were eating, my kids & I had an interesting discussion about friendships with the importance of their various influences.  In my morning Bible time, I read Prov 13:20, “He who walks with wise men will be wise, But the companion of fools will suffer harm.”

Here’s a quick synopsis of our conversation, chose your friends wisely because they will have either a harmful or wise influence in your life – affecting your choices, preferences and values.  A companion of fools will suffer harm, but the person who walks with others who are wise, will himself be wise.  Let’s be sure to chose wisely who we allow to be close to us, with whom we share our heart & allow ourselves to be vulnerable 🙂

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