Election Hangover

In America this week, we had a national & local election, so all media outlets were fully engaged with debates, advertisements, etc. There are plenty of folk who prefer less campaigning & not just a few of us are weary of the deceptions & hostile conflict that politics has become. As a follower off Jesus & His teachings, there are a few takeaways to maintain regardless of your political affiliations / preferences. 

  • Be compassionate – Jesus was helpful, kind, forgiving, healing & generous to marginalized people
  • Be prayerful – Jesus taught His disciples to pray, a constructive habit we would be wise to cultivate
  • Be loving – Jesus said that His followers would be recognized by their love for each other.
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Politicians, Elections & Voting

I’ve been watching the political situation in America & clearly there are some conflicting opinions, beliefs & methods. It seems that our our country is sharply divided & there’s more than enough hostility in this election year.

As a follower of Jesus, it’s disappointing to see so many believers put such faith & focus on politics. 
From my perspective, there are some important axioms to keep in mind for each of us who desire to follow Jesus:

  • Politics has never changed the human heart – at its best, it’s a bandaid for the sinful human condition 
  • Let’s be sure our behavior & words match our faith in Jesus otherwise we run the risk of becoming hypocrites
  • Pray – 1Tim 2:1-3 tells us to pray for those who are in authority. Let’s pray more than we worry or complain

Election seasons don’t exempt us from being faith-filled & faithful to Christ ūüôā

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Hot Topic: GOP Debate & the Presidential Election

Last night, the Republican Party held a national debate. ¬†We heard many¬†ideas and opinions about what the Presidential leadership for the US could look like¬†from several¬†candidates. ¬†Some of the ideas expressed last night were thought provoking and some of the ideas felt naive at best. ¬†Whatever you political beliefs or hopes are, let’s keep in mind a few important essentials:

  • prayer: ¬†1 Tim 2:1-4 says that we should pray for our leaders; ¬†let’s make sure that we endeavor to pray for our government and it’s leaders more than we complain or worry about this topic
  • focus: ¬†Prov 21:1 says that the heart of a king is in God’s hands, so let’s trust that ultimately, God is sovereign
  • peacable living: ¬†in Rom 12:18, Paul tells us to live at peace with each other, as much as possible; ¬†with the upcoming elections, it could be very easy to be offensive or be offended by the various political positions across our nation; ¬†let’s be respectful and prayerful
  • love well: ¬†Jesus tells us in John 13:35 that people will recognize we are His followers by our love for one another, so let’s be committed to love well ūüôā
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