Conditioning has lots of different usages such as: air conditioning, conditioning for health purposes and conditioning to acclimate to various climates or humidities, to name a few.  But I think we should also consider that we have been conditioned through the human experience to think of love in very transactional ways.  In our childhood, it’s likely that you received positive affirmation for good behavior & achievements and negative feedback for things you did that weren’t so whippy.  Maybe such inputs have shaped your perceptions of what love is & is not.  While cause and affect are definitely part of the human experience, I think we should sit and think about God’s “unconditional” love for us.

There’s a good possibility that we both struggle to receive and sit in unconditional love, given the conditioning we have lived in through human transactions.  Let’s take some time this weekend to reflect on God’s unconditional love for us, appreciating that this genuine love can never be increased or decreased by our behaviors 🙂

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The demonstration of genuine love

Love is an interesting word in our modern world. This word can conjure up everything from chocolate to movies, from sex to coffee & a wide range of many other things.
I think that genuine has more depth than the best chocolate. I think that genuine love is better than your favorite movie or video game. I think that genuine love exceeds your best efforts & intentions. I think that genuine love is defined & displayed best by Jesus & His words & actions toward us. Genuine love, as expressed by Jesus, is grounded on who Jesus is & not based on our behavior. Genuine love, as Jesus expresses it to us, is nothing short of irresistable.
I pray that you would experience & know Jesus deep, transforming & powerful love for you. His love is without limit. His love is without qualification. His love is sacrificial & His love is ever present.
Jesus displays His love or us that while we were yet sinners He died for us & lives today to express His love to you. Ask Him to help you see, know & experience Jesus’ love. It’s the only genuine love that exists.

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