Solutions for Congestion

Congestion isn’t appealing.  We don’t like to be congested from a cough or the flu and when traffic is congested, it’s not a pleasant experience to navigate.  Congested means too much and it happens when there are too many cars or when our immune system is trying to fight against a virus or bacteria.  So what are some possible solutions for congestion?

Here are some interesting ideas for your consideration:

  • drink more water:  when we are congested with sin, the washing of the water of the Word (Eph 5:26) can help to flush out the sinful toxins that are harmful to our walk with Jesus.
  • rest:  often times our lives get congested because we don’t maximize the rest times that God gives to us (Matt 11:28).  If you’re in congested traffic, consider using the time to thank God for various things throughout the day.
  • patience:  congestion can make us anxious and stressed out, which only makes the congestion worse.  Consider what Jesus says in Luke 21:19, “In patience, possess your souls.”  Seasons change and things come to pass but not stay.

May the healing and redemptive power of Jesus help us get past the congested times and maladies in our lives!


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back to school

Tonight was back to school night so it was fun to re-connect w many of the really cool parents where our kids go to school.  I also got to help w traffic – translation: crossing guard.  It felt good to get back in the groove. 🙂  I also found out who will be the teachers for Isabell & David – that’s pretty cool because we’ve been praying for these teachers almost everyday this summer.  I’m excited for David & Bell because I can see them growing, becoming more confident & its really cool to see them learn – amazing!  Benji starts Jr Kindergarten a week from Mon & I’m also really excited for him – the next step in his growth. 

Time is never still. It marches on regardless of our opinions, desires or events.  My kids are getting bigger & while I’m happy to see them develop, I also wish they’d go slower.  I’m in a strange juxtaposition, but regardless of any quandry, I really love my kids.  They take my breath away.

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