No Crickets

When I’m in a malnutrition clinic here in Angola, I’m delighted to hear crying babies drown out any cricket noises. A crying baby in a malnutrition clinic means they have enough strength to cry. A quiet & lethargic baby in a malnutrition clinic can be very disturbing to me. It’s even worse when a quiet baby in these clinics looks into my eyes & I don’t see anything beyond a glassy stare.  

I’ve just spent the day at one of our 6 malnutrition clinics here in Angola & it’s uniquely unraveling to watch a baby struggle to survive.  Add in a stretched thin mom, worried for her baby’s life, and this can become very unsettling. So how do I process not just one mom & baby in this scenario but not less than ten?  

It helps to pray, for sure & it helps me to spend time & give genuine love. I know that God lives to spend time with you & enjoys your company!

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Nightcare – definition & progress

Nightcare Possibilites in Cambodia

I’ve been in Cambodia w some of our saving Moses team over the last few days looking into the possibility of launching our first nightcare initiative in Asia. Nightcare is what God has laid in my heart to help the least of the least – the infants & toddlers of prostitutes. Of course one of the consequences of working in the sex industry is that the prostitutes often become pregnant & because these babies are born in some extremely rough environments & conditions, they are often neglected & even abused sometimes while their moms are trying to earn a living. As a result, God has put the idea of nightcare into my heart (similar to the idea of daycare). We want to set up safe places for these infants & toddlers to be taken care of while their moms are away working. I want to help these innocent victims to have a safe place to sleep & receive care.
As such, we’ve been exploring various possibilities over the last few days & I’m extremely excited about the relationships that we have begun to explore & the future potential that these relationships can have maybe even change the future.
Please pray for us to have wisdom on how to proceed & favor for the right connections & relationships. With God, all things are possible!
The attached picture, is a baby that is a result of the prostitution industry 🙂


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