tent city

Haiti is unbelievable

Today was an unbelievable experience, absolutely unreal. To begin, we visited a medical clinic where they immunize infants from like 5 different diseases (diptheria, etc). We met a woman who has a new born, about 6 weeks old whose husband died in the earthquake. She brought her daughter to the clinic bc she’s dehydrated & lethargic. When we talked w her, we discovered that she’s living in tent w her mom & no steady income. The clinic has a literacy program so she’s going to come back for more help.
After this we went to a tent city where there are hundreds if not thousands of families in temporary housing, displaced by the earthquake. We visited several families & Im still somewhat speechless. It was totally unbelievable – we met a single mom who’s daughter us 6 months old & the mom has no way to earn a living despite having some computer & hair styling skills. I also visited a tent that is the home for 8 kids & a mom & dad. When we stopped by the tent there 2 kids there under the age of 3 w no one else there – they were hiding under the bed. No one around them knew where the parents or other siblings were. We visited many more tents, but I left this experience & I can’t begin to describe my thoughts or feelings. It was unreal.
Tomorrow, we return home but I have a new passion w saving Moses. It is absolutely essential.

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