Lock the Doors

When I was growing up, our house had three doors.  To ensure that the house was locked, we would check all three doors.  The front door was easy because it was used the most.  The back door was pretty easy because it was in the kitchen so there was lots of traffic in that area.  The side door was most easily overlooked because we rarely used it & that area of the house didn’t get much traffic.

In a similar way, we need to guard our hearts & souls from the enemy who lurks & waits for opportunities to sneak into our lives through side doors or low traffic areas.  The enemy looks for places to enter our lives where we least expect it or where we have the lowest guard / attention.  This could be times when you’re very tired, areas where you think you’re strong / victorious, situations that are familiar or comfortable, etc.  The enemy of your soul looks for places where your guard is weak, your attention is distracted or your pride is big.  With these instances, the enemy will often come in on tiptoes, sneaky & quiet, to begin his insinuations, whispers & distortions.

Pay attention & keep the doors locked!!  1 Pet 5:8, “Be of sober spirit, be on the alert. Your adversary, the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.”

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Hola!! I’ve been thinking about some of the opposition I’ve been encountering lately. Simply put, I think that the devil’s most effective weapon is to “fly under the radar screen.”. If we go through our days thinking that the devil will be wearing a shirt w his name on it whenever he tries to work against us, we’ve already been tricked. I think that his best tool is camouflage – getting us to think he’s not there or trying to work against God’s plan in our life. Now the counter-point is that we shouldn’t turn into devil freaks. But to ignore the devil or just think that he’s inactive just plays into his hand. His goal is always to hurt & destroy you – full stop, end of story. He wants to cause you pain & impair your ability to contribute to God’s kingdom. Don’t fall for the camouflage!

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