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God is always cooking :)

I like to cook, mostly for the humor of the experience & sometimes for the social element.  Recently, RT Kendall came & spoke at our church.  The preceding day, he came to our house & we made chili – his special recipe & my green chili.  Now all of the chilis turned out great & taste wonderful.  The truly great thing, however, was the amount that we made so i could freeze it & use it on a busy day.  Lately, i’ve been doing alot of my cooking for the week on Saturdays – mousaka (greek lamb casserole), stuffed peppers, chicken tikka masala (indian), cinnamon rolls, lasagna, marinated flank steak, etc.  Doing this on Saturdays helps a whole bunch because then during the busy-ness of the week, i’ve already got dinner made.

Here’s the God component:  i think that sometimes we treat God like the weekend meal deal.  We go to church, get a meal & think that this “banquet” will last for the week.  In reality, God is always cooking something for you – everyday.  When i was growing up, we used to sing this song, “Come & Dine for the Master Calleth”.  God always has a rich table spread & available for us to feast on His presence & Word.  Don’t be spiritually anorexic – come & dine w God everyday.  He’s got something good cookin for you!!

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an eclectic life

so today, we had tv taping & interviewed a few guests – one of whom is simply a legend: Arthur Blessit.  The guy is fantastic:  he loves Jesus passionately, loves people sincerely & has a movie & book coming out in the next few months.  I’ve hung out w him from time to time & I’m always impressed with his deep love for Jesus . . . . I’m at a pause here because I’m a bit speechless.  He’s also good friends w RT Kendall, which for me is the good housekeeping seal of approval, so to speak.  If you don’t know these either of these guys, they’re worth a google.

After tv taping, I proceded to put on the mommy hat & attempt to organize the transportation for 20+ kids for a Chess tournie w David’s team from school (I’m the transportation coordinator – yowzer!).  That was an adventure, but everyone got there & David & our school team won!  Upon coming home, I put a chix in the oven for dinner, did some tv planning work & returned to pick up David & some of his friends to return everyone home.  Isabell had her girlscout cookie launch tonight, so she got a ride to the cookie rally w a neighbor (she’s EXTREMELY excited to sell cookies this year) & I did the weekly grocery shopping.  The rest of the day has been rather uneventful but busy nonetheless & I’m now tired.

I asked Arthur Blessit about fasting – more on that later.  🙂

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Philippians help

Yea for Net Admin – Scott!!  They found an excerpt from RT Kendall’s book that you can download & read in prep for the upcoming Tues chapel!  Feel free to visit & read the excerpt on your own time.  🙂

Here’s the link:   http://www.strangdirect.com/chapters/0558.pdf

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