Thoughts about the journey of life

I’m currently sitting with my husband & 3 kids at like 9:30pm in the LA airport waiting for our flight to Cambodia. I haven’t travelled a my kids internationally for many years & it’s interesting to watch how they each deal with the diversity of travel in very unique ways. Makes me appreciate how cool God is with us on this journey of life.
I find that God is immensely patient, extravagantly kind, continually generous & infinitely loving. When I watch, listen & wait for God, I find that my life becomes increasingly full of Divine & this is where I find Life 🙂

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Something that helps me connect w God

Today, we get to have a family day with some skiing & fun family activities. One of the things I love about my family is the diversity of ways that love is expressed among ourselves, despite the normal teasing that can go w siblings. Nevertheless, it’s lots of fun to see how my 8 year old son expresses love & how this is different from how my 11 year old daughter expresses love.
This has all got me to thinking about God’s love. It’s an absolutely outrageous adventure when I begin to think about God’s love. The more I think about God’s love & the diverse ways that His love is expressed the more captivated & riveting this love becomes to me.
* God’s love is expressed to us through our various relationships
*God’s love is expressed to us in various situations
*God’s love is expressed to us in our desires to help others & to be a blessing
What are some more ways that you’ve experienced God’s love?

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