did I get a ticket???

So today, I got pulled over by the police near a stop sign that I’ve struggled with in the past – translation:  I’ve rolled through this stop sign before & gotten a ticket.  But I came to a complete stop, looked both ways & noticed the nice policeman waiting for stop sign violators, of which I was not one.  Anyways, he flipped his lights on & started following me.  I stopped & was curious to know what this attention was about.  When he came to my window, he wanted to know if my son was wearing his seatbelt, to which I politely replied, “Yes, sir.  He was most certainly wearing his seatbelt.”  End of the story, I didn’t get a ticket 🙂

I wanted to be lippy & talk back to the officer, but I didn’t do that, thanks to the help of the Holy Spirit.  It always pays to “think twice & be nice.”  With the Holy Spirit’s help & intervention, we can do this & save ourselves a boat load of trouble 🙂

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