Interior Decorating

Decorating isn’t my strong suit & neither is clothing fashion nor color coordination. So I’ve come to terms with wearing shirts inside out & clashing patterns / colors.  In terms of my house, I was thinking about doing some interior painting & how a color change could possibly improve the ambiance.

Thinking about the whole decorating thing has made me also think about what’s inside me.  I’ve been thinking about this because what’s inside me is what gets expressed externally.  To this end, I get to chose what’s inside me, what I allow to grow in my thoughts, how I see things & my attitude.  This helps me behave & talk proactively rather than reactively. So my interior decorating in my soul is very important 🙂

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Riding the Bus

I’ve taken to riding the bus to the airport & I love it! I really appreciate that someone else does all the navigating through traffic, the seats are cushioned, the temperature is pleasant & I can do my work while I ride! When I would drive myself to the airport, I’d have to be alert, dodge traffic, find a very distant parking space, walk through the cold / heat & hopefully have enough time to get through security, etc.
it seems to me that walking with the Holy Spirit is sometimes like taking the bus to a destination. Although it requires us to trust the Holy Spirit, the journey is much more enjoyable, less stressful & we usually land a lot closer to the destination than if we navigate life all alone.
If you want to learn to walk with the Holy Spirit better, pick up my new book,

In Step

& you’ll have some new experiences in your daily living from walking with the Spirit!

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Lessons From a Drunk

My husband & I enjoyed a lovely date at a mountain cabin, complete with dessert by a gigantic fireplace with a cozy fire. We had a really wonderful date: tasty food, enjoyable conversation, no kids & relaxed time. At the end of the meal, we sat by this lovely fireplace to enjoy dessert & there was another couple nearby along w a dude holding a wine glass, talking more than just a little. So here are some interesting take aways:

  • Choices – the inebriated gentleman didn’t ruin a lovely evening
  • Fire – a drunk by a fireplace requires close supervision.
  • Talking – once it’s said, you can’t take it back. Speak wisely.
  • Moderation – just because something is good doesn’t mean we should binge it. This is useful as a good rule of thumb throughout life
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