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It seems like I spend a massive amount of energy, focus & time for Christmas:  food, parties, gifts, cleaning, prep, wrapping, cooking, concerts, etc all squeezed into 2-3 weeks of seemingly frenzied activities.  By the time Christmas is over, I’m ready to sing Handel Messiah’s “Hallelujah” chorus, kind of 🙂

Having come through another Christmas season, on the other side, I find myself in recovery mode:  less food, less activities, no wrapping, less cooking & lots of delightful cold, snow, quiet & still.  But in my own way, I’m also in prep mode because I’m praying for 2015 and continuing to listen and be attentive with what God has for the upcoming year.  We are on the cusp of turning the page on 2014 to begin a new chapter for 2015.  Let’s not enter 2015 as a leftover, wrung out rag from 2014.  Let’s seize the time, space and pause to not only nourish our souls but also to prepare us for the adventures that God has for us in 2015 🙂

Some prep ideas:

  • make a list of gratitudes from 2014 – reflecting on God’s amazing work & presence in your life over 2014
  • consider some places, situations, experiences that need some active forgiveness work (shortcomings, failures, idols, disobedience, etc)
  • take some time to maybe take a walk & listen to God – not only for what God has in store for 2015, but more importantly to be together
  • ask for the Holy Spirit to help you know the Helper better in 2015 than you have known in 2014 🙂

Happy New Year prep! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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Now is good :)

We are having a very nice Christmas break with our kids & I’ve noticed that they haven’t once said, “I can’t wait until . . . ” This says to me that they are enjoying now, this present moment & this is a great lesson for me!
Sometimes I get stressed out about the future or discouraged looking at the past. Whenever I get I these weeds, I neglect to see the beautiful flowers of today. Even worse, my awareness of Jesus’ presence seems to deteriorate & I can easily become stressed & depressed. So lets decide to let the past be over & relax that when SE get to the future, Jesus will be there, just as much as He is with us in this moment 🙂

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Killing Fields in Cambodia

Presently I’m riding in a tuk tuk (taxi in Cambodia) & we are driving out to the killing fields. Thirty five years ago in Cambodia, this country was ruled by a very violent regime called te Khmer Rouge. Some historians estimate that the KR killed up to 20% of the people in Cambodia in approximately 4 years. So we are now driving to an area that was one of the places where thousands upon thousands were killed – this area has been preserved in commemoration of the nameless thousands & millions who were killed under this despotic regime.
I’ve just finished going thru this memorial & all I can say is unbelievable. Let me gather my thoughts for a few minutes & I’ll come back to you.

While walking thru this memorial, I looked at the ground on the path where I was walking only to discover bone fragments, clothing remains & teeth. When it rains here, these things get pushed up to the surface of the soil. This is very unsettling & disturbing. They’ve found almost 9,000 corpses so far. I’m at a loss for words.
Maybe some of this experience will give me even more resolve with saving Moses to help make a better future than the recent past.
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