new beginning

Old and New

Happy 2019! Starting a new day, a new month and a new year is a nice way to think of a fresh start. In some respects, a new year is a little bit like a do-over, taking some of the mishaps, failures, lessons, progress and successes of 2018 and making improvements on these for 2019.

Where you’ve had failures & disasters in 2018, be careful not to allow shame, embarassment, defeat, fear or insecurity define your perspective on these things in 2019. Sometimes it’s helpful to think of failures, defeats, disasters and mishaps in terms of practice and progress. In this way, let’s make new mistakes in 2019 and not the same ones from 2018.

Where you’ve had success, improvement, maturation & progress, let’s take such momentum into 2019 and keep going! There’s a good chance that God would like to build on these things from 2018 and expand those victories!

It’s a new day, new month and new year – all aligned with God’s work because He makes all things new (Isaiah 43:18), including you and me!

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pages, chapters & books

I like to read lots of different things & it always seems like I have at least 1-3 books going at any given time.  Along with enjoying reading, I’m probably the slowest reader born into the human race, maybe.  There’s something very gratifying from turning pages, completing chapters & finishing books – good lessons to learn, observations to make, thoughts to consider.

All of which brings me to wrapping up this year to start a new year.  There are some things from 2014 that need to stay in 2014.  Here are some things to consider:

  • hurts can only remain in the past through forgiveness – turn the page
  • bitterness isn’t worth carrying into a new year – start a new chapter
  • failures belong in the past & lessons belong in the present – finish the book
  • God’s presence is in every moment when you think of God and when you don’t think of God
  • God is always helping us, whether we realize it or not
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