Object, Project or Person?

How we treat people reflects what we think about them on the inside.  So if we treat the barista like an extension of the espresso machine, then we’re thinking of them in terms of an object rather than a living human.  This happens alot when we get in transactional modes of interaction & neglect to see the person with whom we’re interacting.

When we try to change someone:  correcting their attitudes, challenging their political opinions, getting them closer to Jesus, making them “better”;  let’s be careful that we’re not treating them like a “project“.  The exceptions to this concern can be the parent, teacher or mentor roles, all of which are most affective when we perceive the recipient of our input as a human & not merely a project.

I think what made Jesus so entirely irresistable by the masses of humanity, when He walked on the earth, is that He interacted with everyone with authenticity, genuine love and sincere interest.  He engaged with each individual as a person, not as a project nor object.  This is what happens when we interact with others from the place of genuine love rather than manipulation, achievement or domination.  Let’s allow our lives to remain in genuine love so that our interactions with others resound with redemption & reconciliation!


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a sneaky trap

I read this morning about Adam & Eve getting tricked by the serpent in the Garden of Eden.  I found it interesting to consider that the serpent tried to create a doubt in Eve’s mind about the goodness and intentions of God.  In the serpent’s conversation with Eve, he made it sound like God was holding out on something good by not allowing them to eat from this one particular tree.

I find this to be an interesting trap that the devil continues to use on us to this day – that when God says “no” to something, that God is holding back something good from us.  Let’s consider that if God says no to a situation or request that we’ve made, God has something better than what we would’ve settled for.  When God says “no”, we can trust that God is protecting us from something awful and has something significantly better in mind for us 🙂

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i have a sty in my eye

I’m a bit frustrated w this eye sty thing.  My facebook friends have given me lots of prayer & ideas to get rid of the silly thing & i’m really grateful.  i also think its kind of humorous when i consider that last week, i did a message on taking the speck out of someone else’s eye, based on what Jesus said in Matt 7:1-5 relating to having a beam in our own eye. 

So here’s the relevance:  we all see problems in other people’s lives – hypocrisy, insecurity, obsessive behaviors, addictions, insincerity, . . . . its very easy to “see” the faults of others & we can be really quick to try & point out the problems of others.  But before we begin taking out the speck out of someone else’s eye, let’s ask ourselves 3 questions:

  1. Is the speck in the person’s eye more accurately a reflection of the beam in your own eye?
  2. Is the speck in the person’s eye a “deflection” (distraction) from the beam in your eye?
  3. What is your motive in trying to get the speck out of the other person’s eye?

Having a sty in my eye has made me very sensitive & aware of my eye  & i think perhaps God is working w me to clear up some personal issues & to clean up some motives in my attempts to help others.  See any areas where God wants to grow you??

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