The Intersection for Resurrection :)


Sunday is Palm Sunday, a time of great celebration!  I totally love celebrating this holiday and for this year, even moreso, given the global challenges we’re all going through in this season.  So I’d like to direct your attention away from the news, COVID-19 updates, economic concerns, regional lockdowns, etc.

Let’s take a pause on all that stuff and consider Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday around 2,000 years ago.  It’s interesting that all the Gospels document this important day, but John gives a unique account.  The other Gospels seem to focus on the donkey Jesus rode on, as well as the coats and branches everyone spread along the road for Jesus’ entry.

John, however, makes a different focal point that I think can be helpful for us today.  When you read the account of Jesus’ triumphant entry in John 12, he postured this noteworthy event immediately following Jesus having dinner at Martha, Mary and Lazarus’ house.  Furthermore, John makes special effort to mention several times that Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead and this resurrection was the culminating event from John 11.  Lazarus’ resurrection was a really big deal, so much that the Jewish leaders wanted to kill Lazarus because his resurrection was becoming a massive rallying point for people to follow Jesus.

I’m bringing this to your attention because Palm Sunday is the intersection point between Lazarus’ previous resurrection and Jesus’ future resurrection.  So let’s consider some points that we can apply for our own resurrection intersection:

  • Past: Lazarus was living proof that Jesus could reverse death and bring life again.  In our lives, it could be very helpful to take an inventory of Jesus’ work, looking over our past.  What places in your life were broken, dysfunctional, sick, unhealthy and even dead where Jesus came along and brought healing, life, health, functionality and vitality?
  • Personal: It’s important to remember that Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead came from the personal connection and relationship that Jesus had with this family.  In fact, Jesus’ relationship with this family started the first time when Martha was busy preparing dinner and her sister, Mary, was sitting at Jesus’ feet as He taught (Luke 10:38-42).  Additionally, when Lazarus got sick in John 11, Martha and Mary sent to Jesus and asked Him to come and heal, “the one You love.”  And as you read the narrative in John 11 when Jesus talks with Martha about Him being resurrection and as Jesus weeps with Mary in her grief and loss, it’s obvious that Jesus had a very personal relationship with this family.  Let’s remember to keep our relationship with Jesus personal, inviting Him to join us at meals, in our daily living and during some private prayer and fellowship with Jesus, since we might have some extra time on our hands.
  • Present: There was a present moment for Martha and Mary when they were very disappointed in Jesus because He didn’t heal Lazarus and He let Lazarus die.  In that present and grief-filled moment, Martha had an incredible conversation with Jesus about Him being the resurrection.  And Mary had an emotional connection with Jesus, in that grief-filled moment, as they wept together.  Let’s take our cues from Martha and Mary in this season, to call on Jesus, talk with Him and let Him join our emotions and concerns, in this present moment.
  • Future: Let’s anticipate Jesus’ resurrection, because Easter is around the corner, as we celebrate Jesus in this season!  There might seem to be a lot of death and  discouragement happening at the present, but resurrection is in the future!  Let’s keep our faith and confidence in Jesus today, praising, celebrating and welcoming Him into our lives!

Hosanna to Jesus!

Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!

Hosanna in the highest!

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What Do You Repeat?

Do you have mindless habits? All of us have things that we do without giving much thought to them, such as brushing our teeth, driving home, morning routines, etc. It can be really helpful to have these kind of routines, but sometimes they’re counterproductive.

For example, in Luke 10, Martha & Mary had Jesus come to their house for dinner. Based on Martha’s behavior in other stories in the Gospels, it seems like she fell into the routine of cooking, serving & being busy with getting stuff done. All of these things aren’t inherently wicked, but if we allow our routines to sabotage our fellowship with Jesus, then they become more of a hindrance than a help.
Let’s always remember that Jesus said in Matthew 6:33 to seek His kingdom first & we’ll have what we need! Let’s be sure our routines reinforce our intimacy with Jesus rather than distract us in mindless disconnect 🙂

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distance #3

Ok, sunday i had the privilege of speaking about letting Jesus get close.  Just to be totally honest – i had way too much fun getting to share on this topic.  Seriously, this was a blast for me!!!

Here’s my gist:  i think that we keep Jesus at a distance for lots of reasons, but some common ones include: 

  • busy-ness (i’m too busy, like Martha in Luke 10, i think),
  • hurt / emotions (i’m disappointed or hurt by Jesus so i’m going to keep my distance, like Mary in John 11)
  • unworthy (i’ve got WAY too much garbage in my life for Jesus to get too close, like the centurion in Luke 11).

Its unfortunate that we use these reasons to keep Jesus at arms length.  I’ve found that if I ask Him to help me w my busy-ness, i feel closer to Him & He often does help me!  I also find that Jesus is deeply moved by my pain & wants to be involved in helping me resolve it.  Finally, the reality is that we all have huge quantities of garbage – but Jesus came to make us worthy.  Keeping Jesus at a distance from our personal lives isn’t constructive.  the end

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