What Is Success?

It’s interesting to scroll through various social media platforms & look at the abundant advice about how to be successful. When I read through some of this advice, I always walk away asking, “What is success?”  

Is success:

  • living a comfortable life, without conflict or drama? 
  • having heaps of money, recognition, achievements or a glam image? 
  • living a balanced life, all things regulated & controlled for maximum mediocrity?

What is success?  In Jeremiah 9:23-24 it says,  “Let not a wise man boast of his wisdom, and let not the mighty man boast of his might, let not a rich man boast of his riches;  24 but let him who boasts boast of this, that he understands and knows Me, that I am the Lord who exercises lovingkindness, justice and righteousness on earth; for I delight in these things,” declares the Lord.”

So maybe the most simple definition of biblical success is knowing & loving God, as well as loving our neighbor & ourselves.  Have an awesome Memorial Day weekend living successfully!

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Inspired By Billy Graham

No doubt that heaven rejoices to welcome Billy Graham & earth looses a longstanding hero. The reasons that Billy Graham is such a hero are innumerable, but some of the standouts include: moral integrity, consistency & letting Jesus be the rallying cry of his life.
The things that Billy Graham accomplished across the span of his life, will be accentuated & applauded for quite awhile. And his epitaph is extremely powerful!
Let’s live each day as if we’re writing our epitaph so that when we die, the world around us has been improved & Jesus is exalted!

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Lessons From a Drunk

My husband & I enjoyed a lovely date at a mountain cabin, complete with dessert by a gigantic fireplace with a cozy fire. We had a really wonderful date: tasty food, enjoyable conversation, no kids & relaxed time. At the end of the meal, we sat by this lovely fireplace to enjoy dessert & there was another couple nearby along w a dude holding a wine glass, talking more than just a little. So here are some interesting take aways:

  • Choices – the inebriated gentleman didn’t ruin a lovely evening
  • Fire – a drunk by a fireplace requires close supervision.
  • Talking – once it’s said, you can’t take it back. Speak wisely.
  • Moderation – just because something is good doesn’t mean we should binge it. This is useful as a good rule of thumb throughout life
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Do We Need a Reason?

On my last day of snowboarding this season, I took a really hard fall, landed on my head & sustained a concussion. A concussion is an injury to the brain & I’m learning that the brain recovers at its own pace, regardless of my impatience. Of course I’m praying & trusting God for my recovery. In the meantime, I find myself more sympathetic & compassionate toward people, even when I don’t know why they might be acting poorly. Something inside me (most likely the Holy Spirit) tells me to be gracious because I likely don’t understand what’s happening in that person’s life. Same goes for me in this concussion recovery: I can look my normal self, but truth be known, I’m struggling with energy & sometimes my thoughts are fuzzy. 
Many times I find that we are compassionate most often when we learn about a struggle a person might be going through. I would like be compassionate without a reason but because that’s who I am, a reflection of our compassionate Heavenly Father. 

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What’s Normal??


I’m currently in Cambodia with our Saving Moses team, having a blast for sure! Normal here is altogether abnormal for the average American living. For example, hot soup is a common food while sitting outside in 98degree weather & 95% humidity. And in relation to traffic, well all bets are off with that adventure. I stopped thinking about the accident probabilities many years ago – go with the flow ,)
Seems to me that sometimes we take our human living & try to make our spiritual lives for around our human conveniences. Maybe Jesus intended for the “normal” experience for His followers to turn “normal” upside down & bring more supernatural into our natural & normal living – just something to think about for your Monday prayers 🙂

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hot topic: Obama

Ah, the delightful quagmire of politics – such an opportunity for some very heated & lively conversation, even debate!  It seems to me, that President Obama has his fair share of proponents and opponents with each side being vehemently and passionately engaged to further their opinion, reference the recent State of the Union address and O’Reilly’s interview with the President before the Super Bowl.

Politics can create some extreme controversy & when I read the Gospels, it seems like many people tried to force Jesus to engage in political dialogue and controversy.  Thanksfully, Jesus is bigger than human politics and remains sovereign regardless of our political situations, government successes or shortcomings and human weaknesses.  In my thinking, Jesus solves our heart problems so that we can be healthy humans for constructive living.  Let’s be sure that we are keeping our eyes on Jesus for our solutions, provisions and decisions 🙂

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the relevance struggle

Whenever I get to teach, I always want to make the content relevant to my audience. In my attempts to be relevant, I’ve used lots of different examples: from mistakes I’ve made when I cook to various snowboarding adventures.  I also see a wide variety of ways that God is relevant in my daily living.  He helps me to have wisdom with my interactions with my kids, guides my emotions & thoughts to be grounded in truth, reminds me about things I need to do, helps me with difficult conversations, gives me patience in traffic and a whole lot more.  I love discovering everyday the many different ways that God is relevant to me.

But yesterday, some questions popped into my mind:

  • Am I relevant to God?
  • In all of my attempts to see God fitting into & working in my life, how much do I work to be relevant in God’s kingdom?
  • Do my values reflect His priorities?
  • Am I kingdom relevant?
Jesus talked about the Kingdom of God alot in the Sermon on the Mount (Matt 5-7), if you’re keen to look at some of His descriptions & applications.  For a quick summary, it seems to me that I am most relevant in God’s kingdom when I love Him, others & myself 🙂
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some constructive daydreaming

The other day I was rumaging around in my imagination & playing some “what if” scenarios, when God threw out an interesting idea:  Sarah, what would your life look like if you were closer to Jesus?  Along this line, I’ve met alot of people who I consider to be really close to Jesus & I watch them carefully (or read about them as much as I can) to pick up some ideas, suggestions & behaviors.  So I took this question very personally from God to me.  I want to ask you to let yourself consider the same question:

What would your life look like if you were closer to Jesus?

Here are some of my answers: I share these with you, intending to provoke some of your thoughts & possibilities.  Please feel free to leave your ideas in the comments 🙂

If I were closer to Jesus, I would be less:  selfish, judgmental, worried, insecure, fearful, impatient,

If I were closer to Jesus, I would be more: forgiving, confident, loving, insightful, discerning, generous, selfless, concerned, peaceful, justice-minded, supernatural


So what do you think????  If you were closer to Jesus, what would your life look like?

ps – here’s a link to a cool video ,)

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thoughts & cough remedies

Ok, here are some things running around in my mind:

  • famI hope Benji did ok staying at mom & dad’s last night
  • I hope David does well on his Mesopotamia & Germ tests today
  • I hope Isabell enjoys her date w Reece tonight – he’s planning what to do.  Any suggestions?
  • maybe we should get a donut at the armenian donut shop, mmmmmm
  • looking forward to lunch w Lacey
  • I hope Shelly & I get to work out this weekend
  • My weekend projects include:  chapel prep, Greek prep & finishing Lord’s Prayer series
  • gotta figure out groceries for next week
  • would like to get my computer back – its been sick for like 2 weeks now 🙁
  • slopes are starting to open up for snowboarding!!!!!

Need a little help:  can you pls give me suggestions as to how to get over a cough (chest congestion)?  Would be GREATLY appreciated!

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