2am Ladder

I was climbing up a ladder at 2am today, attempting to replace the dying battery on the blasted chirping smoke alarm. Needless to say, this wasn’t my ideal middle of the night wake up experience & for that matter, I don’t think there’s any ideal middle of the night wake up experience!

  • So how do I relate this to Jesus?
  • Jesus keeps us safe in unexpected situations – I don’t normally plan for ladder climbing & balance at 2am
  • Jesus gives us wisdom when we can’t figure out what to do – groggy thinking at 2am
  • Jesus restores us when we feel depleted – getting back to sleep wasn’t impossible

I love that Jesus does ladders with me at 2am!

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exalting Jesus

following up on the Philippians blog about Jesus coming into humanity (if you haven’t had a chance to read it, please consider going back to check it out because it provides the context for what happens next in Philip 2:9ff), we read that after Jesus’ humbling & even humiliation, God exalted Him.

Jesus humbled Himself & God exalted Him.  These seem to go together, as do their opposites – exalt yourself & prepare to be humbled by God.  When Philippians talks about God exalting Jesus (hyper-lifting up for my chapel friends), it says that God gives Jesus the name above all names & that at His name every knee will confess & tongue bow (just seeing if you’re paying attention – 😉 ). 

Want to share some ways you’ve found effective in lifting up Jesus’ name in your life?  Could probably help out the rest of us.  Stay tuned tomorrow for some exercise fun relating to working out your salvation.

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