What Trumps Judgment?


I’ve been around the church world for most of my life, so I’ve met some very interesting people, seen unusual things and experienced a plethora of human and supernatural events.  Many people in the church world are nothing less than pure pleasure and altogether phenomenal.  Some people, not so much and that’s the rub.

It seems that we want Christians to be consistently kind, loving and prefect.  When we get to heaven, I’m sure our flaws and foibles will be smoothed out, along with our dysfunctions, shortfalls and sins.  In the meantime, how should we deal with being judgmental, hostility & intolerance, not only in the church, but also in the world where we live?

This morning, I read James 2:15 and the end of the verse was a sobering confrontation for me in how I deal with the judgmental stuff:  Mercy triumphs over judgment.

Of course I want all the mercy I can get, but I would be wise to be liberal with mercy because judgment has a way of coming back like an abrasive and hurtful boomerang 🙂

Some food for thought in the middle of our week 🙂

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i have a sty in my eye

I’m a bit frustrated w this eye sty thing.  My facebook friends have given me lots of prayer & ideas to get rid of the silly thing & i’m really grateful.  i also think its kind of humorous when i consider that last week, i did a message on taking the speck out of someone else’s eye, based on what Jesus said in Matt 7:1-5 relating to having a beam in our own eye. 

So here’s the relevance:  we all see problems in other people’s lives – hypocrisy, insecurity, obsessive behaviors, addictions, insincerity, . . . . its very easy to “see” the faults of others & we can be really quick to try & point out the problems of others.  But before we begin taking out the speck out of someone else’s eye, let’s ask ourselves 3 questions:

  1. Is the speck in the person’s eye more accurately a reflection of the beam in your own eye?
  2. Is the speck in the person’s eye a “deflection” (distraction) from the beam in your eye?
  3. What is your motive in trying to get the speck out of the other person’s eye?

Having a sty in my eye has made me very sensitive & aware of my eye  & i think perhaps God is working w me to clear up some personal issues & to clean up some motives in my attempts to help others.  See any areas where God wants to grow you??

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I was recently referred to as the “church lady” & I instantly thought of the SNL spoof w Dana Carey & became suddenly nauseous.  If there’s anyone that i hope i’m NOT it is that caraciture – ouch!  Yet i think we christians deservedly get this rap, sometimes.  You see judging is almost like breathing for us – we judge everything:  coffee, carpet, phones, friends, generations, time usage, refrigerators, cars, behaviors, gov’ts, leaders, worship, pets, clothes, . . . . . we have preferences, we make choices, we evaluate, we make determinations, etc.  Some judgments are immaterial – the decaf i’m presently drinking is room temperature & i’d like it lots better if it were warm.  Some judgments are violent & destructive to not only others, but to ourselves – especially in relation to people. 

Here’s something interesting to consider – we like to use the phrase Jesus speaks of about: the measure we sow is the measure that we’ll reap.  However, most of the time this verse is in relation to judging – it we judge alot, we’ll be judged alot.  If we judge a little, we’ll be judged a little.  If we don’t like to be judged, maybe the simple answer is that we should stop being judgmental – Matt 7:1-2.

i used to be a pretty harsh person.  then i had an honest look at my own humanity – it was a sobering sight & has subsequently caused me to be far less critical & judgmental.  don’t be the SNL church lady

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