Interior Decorating

Decorating isn’t my strong suit & neither is clothing fashion nor color coordination. So I’ve come to terms with wearing shirts inside out & clashing patterns / colors.  In terms of my house, I was thinking about doing some interior painting & how a color change could possibly improve the ambiance.

Thinking about the whole decorating thing has made me also think about what’s inside me.  I’ve been thinking about this because what’s inside me is what gets expressed externally.  To this end, I get to chose what’s inside me, what I allow to grow in my thoughts, how I see things & my attitude.  This helps me behave & talk proactively rather than reactively. So my interior decorating in my soul is very important 🙂

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There’s been some interesting news lately about Pablo Picasso & one of his famous paintings, Blue Room.  In this painting, Picasso painted a woman, but art experts have found another painting behind the surface painting.  The image behind the woman is a portrait of a bearded man & experts are trying to figure out who the man was, along with many other mysterious & important details.  It appears that Picasso used his canvass for more than one painting (not an uncommon practice with artists).

Perhaps this is also true with the greatest Artist of all, our Creator.  Perhaps God has not only made the external masterpiece that we can all see on the outside of each other & maybe there’s also an internal masterpiece inside of us that God has also created.  Let’s be careful that we don’t get stuck in looking at the outside of people, but let’s allow God to show us the masterpiece inside someone & not merely the external painting 🙂

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