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An Update from Saving Moses in Angola

Well, we’re concluding our 2nd trip to Angola & I’m quite a mixed bag of feelings & thoughts.  In some respects, this trip has been more difficult than our 1st venture & it seems like I’ll have some sorting out to do for a fair amount of time.  There are several discussions that I’m having with God, along with many questions.  So in some respects, I guess that’s good because these interactions certainly keep our relationship genuine.

Alot of my conversations with God are also filled with gratitude.  I’m very thankful for His patience with me as I grow, His wisdom in how He handles me, His grace for my humanity and most of all His love, which I’m unable to describe at this point.

I think I’ll be working through this trip for awhile.  But be sure to watch for a video update tomorrow – I worked on one & when I get in a wi fi friendly area, I’ll upload it & it will certainly warm & encourage your heart 🙂  In the meantime, here’s a cool pic of my friend Jody who has become delightfully attached to Celestina, a beautiful & very healthy 3month old little girl 🙂


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Angola – so powerful

I’m sitting here reflecting about this trip to Angola & I have so many thoughts & emotions running around in me right now.
We captured on video & pix some of the best work that has ever been doing w saving Moses – massive complements to Steve & Todd w great thanks to their fantastic wives, Jamie & Carrie.
The richness of experience on this trip has been extremely vast. One of our friends asked us last night what 1 main thing that we’re taking home. My answer was that I was able to get a 1st hand look at infant mortality in the eye. I’m still kind of reeling & processing from our experiences overall, but also from a very specific day. I think I need to wait for a day or so before attempting to communicate some of these events bc it’s all very raw in me right now. So pls come back to this blog bc I’m planning to share more about some of these experiences.
In the meantime, thanks so much for all of the prayer, support, encouragement that everyone has expressed – it’s been HUGELY helpful to me in a very personal level

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Saving Moses goes to Angola

We are very busy trying to finalize all of the arrangements for our 1st trip to Angola in about 2 weeks.  Alot of people don’t know too much about Angola, so here are some things to help you understand why we are going there:

  • Angola has one of the world’s highest infant mortality rates one baby out of every 6-10 born doesn’t make it to the age of 5
  • Angola had civil war for around 30 years;  when a country is unstable for this long, its most vulnerable citizens are the quickest to suffer the greatest (hence the need for SM in Angola)
  • Angola is the 2nd highest producer of diamonds & petroleum in sub-saharan Africa
  • It is located in the southwestern part of Africa, north of Namibia & south of Congo
  • Angola was a colony of Portugal for close to 400 years & received its independence in 1975

Decreasing infant mortality in nations like Angola can have some relatively easy solutions:  clean water, immunizations & adequate nutrition.  One of the things I love about Saving Moses is that things that we would consider “little” can save lives.  Let’s do something to give an infant a fighting chance to not only survive, but thrive.

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saving Moses

When i was in Ethiopia last summer, i met twin newborn girls who had been abandoned in a field & this really rocked my world.  This experience has stuck with me & resonated in my heart, growing to the point that i felt God really zero into me & talk about doing something about a worldwide problem – infant mortality.  Truth be known, most of the children around the world who die under the age of 5, die for simple reasons:  poor to nonexistent nutrition, lack of education in newborn care, poor water supply and a few other factors.  These problems are not insurmountable.

So God put it in my heart to launch our “saving Moses” campaign – a project to decrease infant mortality around the world.  When you think about Moses, his mom, sister & a complete stranger (Pharoah’s daughter) rescued Moses, who was used by God to deliver the Israelites from decades & even centuries of slavery, given the 10 Commandments, Tabernacle plans and the 1st 5 books of the OT  by God.  Moses was mightily used by God.  Thank God people stepped into his life to “save Moses.”  I’d venture to say that possibly God could use us to “save Moses” throughout the world.  If you want to keep up with what we’re doing in Ethiopia and around the world, pop over to:


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