Open During Construction

I drove by a hospital & read the sign, “Open During Construction”.  And I began to think about the possibility of the hospital being closed during construction.  To be certain, construction is a pain in the neck because it creates detours, messy environments, unpleasant views, health hazards & communication confusion. But usually, construction is the attempt to take what’s normal or rundown & make it better.

To this end, as a follower of Jesus, it feels like I’m always under construction. And despite being under construction, I still have to function & engage in daily living, kind of like being open during construction. So let’s appreciate & be gracious with each other, that Holy Spirit is working in us, so that we look & act like Jesus more & more!  2Cor 3:18 🙂

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Finding Jesus

In that today is Christmas Eve, or maybe Christmas when you read this, we might be thinking about Jesus’ birth 🙂

And in the story of Jesus coming to live among us, there are some interesting things we can consider for our daily living.

*Unexpected Coincidence: the shepherds in the field were doing a normal night of shepherding when there was a supernatural interruption. Let’s be mindful that a supernatural interruption can sometimes be dismissed as an unexpected coincidence, causing us to miss something God wants us to know or experience

*Inconvenient Journey: the wiseman took the Star as a signal to go on a journey to seek out something unknown but important. Let’s be mindful that what could be inconvenient and unfamiliar has the potential to lead us to know Jesus more deeply and in a richer experience.

*Unconventional Relationship: Joseph decided to keep Mary as his fiancé even though she was pregnant out of wedlock. Let’s be mindful that being merciful, gracious and generous can position us to bring Jesus to people in meaningful and life-giving experiences.

Let’s keep finding Jesus and helping others experience genuine love through finding Jesus!

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