wool socks

I have a friend & our feet are always cold, so we give each other wool socks.  In Denver today, it’s cold so we are both celebrating our warm feet because of the gracious gift of wool socks!  I have another friend who wears flip flops in Denver even when it snows, almost.  This friend doesn’t have a cold feet problem but maybe has the opposite end of the spectrum.  I totally love both of these peeps & I love that they see and experience life through different lenses, each vibrantly beautiful & wholesome.

This makes me appreciate our Heavenly Father all the more for His immense and unique love for each one of us.  We don’t have to match up to a marketing profile to be loved by God.  Indeed, it seems to me that we are most thoroughly loved by our Heavenly Father as we revel in His unique design for us individually.  Based on Romans 5:5, you are fully loved by your Heavenly Father, full stop.  The Holy Spirit can help you live in this reality day by day 🙂

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problems w jalepenos

I love spicey food.  I like my pho hot, I like my mexican food spicey, I like to put la-jiao on my lo mein.  I like my Ethiopian food hot – I just like hot food! 

There is, however, a draw back that keeps coming back to bite me _ almost literally.  Whenever I cut or break apart jalepenos (for whatever purpose), the spiciness gets on my fingers & then anything my fingers touch.  Don’t even think of rubbing your eyes or picking your nose.  Which brings me to the reason for this blog.  I saw a recipe in this week’s food section in the newspaper for mexican brisket.  The recipe includes chopped up jalepeno & since I made this about 30min ago, I’m having some bad issues – my lips are burning & even though I didn’t pick my nose, somehow, my nose is burning.  I already reminded myself before the chopping about the dangers of jalepeno infestation, so I can’t figure out why I’m having this problem now. 

I can’t bring myself to use rubber gloves in my kitchen – I’m not a professional chef nor is my kitchen a restaurant.  Benji is sitting here telling me to make jalepeno cake for me.  :/  Any suggestions?  I’ve even thought of trying to snort milk, but I can’t bring myself to do this yet.  Advice anyone? 


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