today’s my Dad’s birthday

Today is my dad’s birthday and he would have been 88 today. ¬†As I think about him today, here are some things about my dad that are great:

  • he was always positive, even when everything was grim, negative, discouraging & even seemingly hopeless
  • he was very unique and didn’t see much value in trying to be anyone different than himself
  • he loved people – sometimes I think he used the garage sale excuse just to get to chat with lots of different people ,)
  • he was always 100% behind my mom & her ministry – he never seemed threatened nor jealous by my mom’s success
  • he liked to refinish antique furniture, go crawdad hunting, play rook, collect and be as close as possible to the Holy Spirit ūüôā

Happy birthday Dad!

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You are TOTALLY cool!!

I have some amazing friends who could take virtually anything & make it beautiful. They’re amazingly creative, resourceful & have the most beautiful way or decorating & arranging things. Me, not so much. When I paint at our house or try to do something “craft-ish”, there just aren’t words to describe how bad it usually turns out. But I do have some things that I’m pretty good at – I enjoy cooking & I’m pretty good at picking up different languages (and a few other things).
But here’s what’s totally amazing & fantastic about you (and its not just about your talents or abilities): you are intensely, deeply & infinitely loved by the Creator of the universe, Who knows you better than anyone else & Who loves you more authentically than anyone. You are important, valuable & significant because your Creator loves you & this is what makes you TOTALLY cool!!!

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Revelry & Reverence

I’ve been reading about how King David in the Bible wanted to bring the Ark of the Covenant (God’s presence) up to Jerusalem. His first attempt to move the Ark was disastrous – a guy was killed. In David’s second attempt, he made sure that everyone followed God’s directions on how to transport the Ark.
My take away from this story is that we must always treat God with respect & reverence, never thinking that we can do things our way & ignore God’s directives, presence or preferences. We can revel in God’s presence but not at the expense of reverence ūüôā

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some thoughts about Father’s Day

¬†With Father’s Day coming up this weekend, maybe you have some special plans or ideas about how to honor you dad or the person who has filled that role in your life. ¬†Currently, my husband is on a diet so the cooking options are extremely narrow & I’ll of course do something nice for my dad. ¬†Nevertheless, let me take a quick moment to encourage you to celebrate your dad’s strengths & not sulk in his weaknesses. ¬†As I think about my parents, the longer I’m a parent the more grateful I am for them. ¬†Yes, my parents are human and flawed – they’ll be the first to admit that they didn’t do it all right when they raised my brother & me. ¬†Nevertheless, they did their level best with everything they had & I’m genuinely grateful for how God has used them in all of the different stages in my life. ¬†As we celebrate our dads this weekend, ¬†let’s be certain to celebrate our Heavenly Father who is perfect, infinite and Genuine Love ūüôā

Happy Fathers Day!

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just say “yes”

I’ve been thinking about the Holy Spirit & Who the Holy Spirit is of late. ¬†Of course I don’t fully understand the Holy Spirit, but I’ve come to the conclusion that I always want to say “yes” to the Holy Spirit. ¬†I want to say “yes” to the Holy Spirit when:

  • I don’t understand what’s happening.
  • I don’t feel like it.
  • something isn’t in my normal comfort zone.
  • I’m confronted with a behavior that is contrary to His truth.
  • He wants to use me for His purposes
  • I’m offered love, grace & comfort and I haven’t earned it nor do I deserve it.

I want to say “yes” to the Holy Spirit.

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hearing God speak in a LOUD world












Our lives tend to be really full with activities, relationship, things we have to do, twitter, facebook, concerns, etc. ¬†If you’re like me, sometimes I have a hard time hearing God in the midst of the noise of life. Indeed, sometimes His voice seems so small that it is a stark contrast to the loudness of everything else. ¬†Here’s something that you might find useful in listening to God:

H – help! ¬†Ask God to help¬†you to hear His voice (it’s interesting to note that Jesus called the Holy Spirit our Helper)

E – eliminate distractions. ¬†Is there some¬†“noise” you could eliminate? Switch off some unnecessary noise & perhaps this “off” could be an “on” switch for hearing God better

A – available. ¬†Make some time on a consistent basis (I’d suggest daily) to be available to God – for Him to speak with you on whatever topic He choses, or even just to be in His presence, if He choses to be quiet.

R Рrevere.  It is often true that whatever we honor & revere tends to grow in our lives & the reverse is also true.  I find that I express my honor & reverence in lots of different ways, but very often by how I spend time.  Time can be a very honest reflection of what is important in our lives, especially our discretionary time

Have fun listening & watching for God ūüėÄ

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a beauty pageant w a murderous sub-plot

One of movies that always makes me laugh is Miss Congeniality Рthere are some parts that are obviously cheesy & sketchy, but the whole tom-girl, secret agent competing in a beauty pageant plot makes me laugh ALOT!!!!  And back in the Bible days, there was also a beauty pageant that had lots of drama, danger & suspense Рthe story of Esther.

Over the last few days I’ve been reading Esther & I’m always impressed with Mordecai, Esther’s surrogate parent. ¬†I admire his integrity, honor, courage & character in the face of great anger, animosity & even violent intent from Hamaan, the evil villain. ¬†But here’s what has caught my eye this time: ¬†despite Hamaan’s best efforts, Mordecai was given honor even at the expense of Hamaan’s position. ¬†There’s one point where Hamaan was conspiring to hang Mordecai & when he came to express his desire to the king, the king asked Hamaan’s opinion on how to best honor someone. ¬†After giving the king all of the ways that Hamaan wanted to be honored, the king told Hamaan to go out & implement Hamaan’s ideas with Mordecai. ¬†Hamaan wound up leading the horse that Mordecai rode on, crying out that Mordecai was an example of how the king honored those whom the king favored.

Don’t you know that Hamaan was more than humiliated by having to publicly honor Mordecai, whom he hated with murderous intent?!

So here’s my take away: maintain your integrity, grace & poise regardless of your enemies & God can take something very evil & dangerous & make it into a blessing in your life ūüôā

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When I was growing up, I felt super free to give my raw & unabbreviated opinion without much prompting. ¬†I even had a pastor tell me how when I was a teenager, I told him that I thought the vision he had for his church was worthless & that he needed to find something more meaningful to do with his ministry. ¬†I thought I was being challenging & insightful, when in reality, I was only being disrespectful. ¬†Ouch!! ¬†I still cringe when I think about the uber stupid things I’ve done & said. ¬†If I had to summarize the lion’s share of my regrets today, it would mostly come from being disrespectful & dishonoring.

¬†Consequently, I’ve come to a few conclusions that you might find helpful as well:

  • I would rather error on the side of being over-respectful than being under-respectful or disrespectful. ¬†I’ve lived with the consequences of both choices & I’ll take the consequences of respect over the consequences of disrespect, any day!
  • I’ve noticed that when I treat people with respect, they tend to rise to the level of honor that I give to them, even if they start off being less than respectful. ¬†I’ve found that when I give respect to others, usually they will be respectful back to me.
  • On the few occasions when someone continues to be disrespectful with me, I want to always make the decision to be a respectful person, regardless of anyone else’s choices or behaviors.
Cheers to R-E-S-P-E-C-T!!
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Holy Spirit Do’s & Don’ts (1)

We had a completely jaw-dropping service at church on Sun.¬† It blew me out of the water & Jesus was probably the only one happier than me.¬† I had the privilege of speaking about the Holy Spirit – the 3rd member of the Trinity that can sometimes be overlooked.¬† When i began looking at the Holy Spirit, it quickly became apparent to me that as a human there are 3 things I’m not supposed to do, as i relate to the HOly Spirit.¬† I’m planning to briefly talk about these 3 things & would be interested to get your feedback as to what we should do instead.¬†

The 1st thing we should never do is blaspheme the Holy Spirit.¬† In Luke 12:10, Jesus says that sins against the Son of God will be forgiven but blaspheming the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven.¬† This is a REALLY scarey¬† thing to me – its even more scarey when i think about how often i’ve heard blasphemy discussed.¬† When i looked up what blasphemy means, its a compound word (blapto – injure; feme – fame, reputation).¬† In its simplest form, it means to defame or injure the reputation of someone.¬† Also, in Matt when Jesus is talking about blaspheming the Holy Spirit, its in the context of people accusing Jesus of doing the work of Satan.¬† Let’s be super mindful that we honor & preserve the Holy Spirit’s reputation & that we also honor His work in our lives.¬† I pray for both you & me that we would be very sensitive to the Holy Spirit in our lives on a daily basis. ūüôā


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