Hong Kong

Happy Provision Day!

I’ve had amazing experiences today – the kind that takes my breath away & pause in awestruck wonder at Gods indescribable work in our lives. This morning, I had the profound honor of getting to minister to well over 1,000 Christian leaders from all over China. For me, this honor is particularly meaningful because of having China in my heart for more than 20 years. I started coming to China as a teenager & fell in love with the people from my 1st trip. So today was extremely powerful – getting to minister about loving Jesus to these fantastic leaders.
Added onto this, I’ve had some absolutely amazing fellowship w some of the highest caliber of people that I’ve ever met. As I sit here writing this, I cannot help but see God’s hand guiding & providing for me. He gives me exactly what I need, when I need it. With this confidence & assurance, it helps me know that I can trust Him to richly supply for my needs. In my better moments, I know that God is beyond good to me & today is one of those better moments (even though I miss my family LOTS). So I will remember this Independence Day especially well – for God’s astounding goodness & love to me.
I pray that today will be filled with a great awareness of God’s outrageous love for you.
Tomorrow morning, I leave for Cambodia to discover what God has for Saving Moses there. Stay tuned!


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Welcome to Hong Kong!

This morning (Sun), I landed & have met up w our group of almost 70 travelers with mom & we have the tremendous honor of getting to minister at an amazing pastors & leaders conference. I’m extremely excited to be here for lots if different reasons.
To begin, I’ve been coming to HK for more than 20 years & ministering in many different ways & settings, but this is my 1st privilege of getting to minister w mom at a leaders conference. Furthermore, the people who are also ministering w us are total legends & heroes in the faith – people I’ve looked up to for years & decades. Additionally, I am forever astounded by Hong Kong, the people, history & development. Presently, HK is considered to bs a SAR (special administrative region) for China. Before 1997, it was under British rule but it has since been absorbed under the control of the PRC (People’s Republic of China). There have been many changes here since I first started coming to HK in the late 80s.
Last but not least, HK is an extremely beautiful city – here’s a pic from Victoria’s Peak


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