hair dye

Hair Dye

I’m writing this post, sitting outside of my hair salon with foils in my hair, looking semi-chic 🙂

And of course, I get some odd looks, people thinking I’m the reincarnated character from “My Favorite Martian”.  But alas, it’s just the normal hair dye appointment, where the grey gets covered over & I maintain the look that says I’m at least 10 years than my birthdate would confirm.

And whatever we may look like on the outside isn’t as important as the decisions we make on the inside.  Our internal thoughts, emotions, values, decisions and perspective are loads more important than the external image.  It’s in my thinking processes where I:

  • make decisions to be generous,
  • decide to act from various insecurities,
  • consider how another may be affected by my words / actions
  • choose to be afraid or choose to be constructive

So no matter how we look on the outside, let’s be certain we make internal decisions to be generous & loving people.  What’s on the inside is what will often regulate what happens on the outside 🙂

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I’m a skunk

Ok, not like in substance but more like in appearance.  For whatever reason, I forgot to schedule a hair dye appointment and the wonderful white hair I inherited from my dad is now the streak down the middle of my head.  So I look like a skunk & it’s not merely a bad hair day but rather a bad hair hue ,)

We both know that appearances can be deceptive and hopefully, we don’t always fall for the trap that says a shiny suit equals sterling character.

But sometimes we do.

So let’s ask the Holy Spirit to lead us into truth so we don’t get tricked by our natural senses.  Just because I look like a skunk for a few days doesn’t mean that I’m smelly ,)

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dying my hair

Here’s the honest truth:  my hair is about 80% white.  I inherited the premature grey gene from my dad & discovered this with my first white hair when I was about 14 years old.  So lurking beneath the massively effective efforts of my amazing hair stylist are these grey roots that always seem to win over time.  I could be resentful of my genetic makeup, disappointed that the grey eventually always wins or pretend that I’m a different person wearing trendy sunglasses & sporting a skunk streak ,)

Here’s my takeaways on hair dye:

  • accept with joy how God has made you – fearfully & wonderfully made
  • Proverbs says that grey hair is a sign of wisdom – sounds like a good plan
  • better grey than nay (my dad was bald)

happy Monday to you! 🙂

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